About Community Health Rights Advocacy

Community Health Rights Advocacy (CHeRA)is a non-governmental organisation, led by a young versatile team, focused on advocating for the health rights of minority groups in Malawi. Established in 2017, CHeRA is based in Lilongwe the capital city of Malawi and running operations in six core districts. At CHERA, we firmly uphold the principles of autonomy, recognizing sex work as a form of work, and opposing the criminalization of sex work. We reject any form of stigma and discrimination against sex workers, advocating for their right to self-determination. Our advocacy efforts are grounded in evidence-based approaches that prioritize the perspectives and needs of sex workers themselves.


We eschew hollow promises and superficial gestures, rolling up our sleeves to confront systemic obstacles head-on, tirelessly championing the rights and well-being of sex workers.


We maintain a strong commitment to ensuring that our advocacy and funding processes are transparent and accountable to the sex workers’ rights movement.


We actively involve sex workers and their organizations in decision-making processes related to funding allocation and resource distribution.


When it comes to advocating for sex workers’ rights, CHERA epitomizes professional prowess and unwavering commitment.

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As Community Health Rights Advocacy in our years of  existence we have been able to, achieve the following.

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Our Core Values


The mission of our organization, CHERA, is to reduce the vulnerability of minority groups to abuse and HIV by fostering inclusivity in all aspects of human development without prejudice or discrimination. While our mission statement does not explicitly mention sex work, our organization’s primary focus is indeed to support the rights of sex workers.


We strive to create a more inclusive and just society where sex workers are empowered, respected, and protected, free from discrimination and stigma. Our efforts are driven by the belief that human rights should be enjoyed by all, irrespective of their chosen profession or social background.


Our organization firmly upholds the principles of autonomy, recognizing sex work as work, and opposing criminalization, as articulated by the Red Umbrella Fund. We believe in the rights of sex workers to self-determination and reject all forms of stigma and discrimination against them. Our advocacy efforts are rooted in evidence-based approaches that prioritize the perspectives and needs of sex workers themselves