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Community Health Rights Advocacy is a nonprofit organization founded and based in Lilongwe, Malawi.

Community Health Rights Advocacy (CHeRA) was established and founded in 2017, with quality staff and skilled personnel to carry out its tasks and achieve its goals and objectives.

We are a youthful led NGO founded in 2017. It is registered as an NGO under the laws of Malawi. CHeRA works with diverse youth groups in awareness raising, capacity building of its target groups in health rights advocacy. Therefore, Community health rights advocacy also helps in economic empowerment, income source diversification and financial independence and management. In cases of relief CHeRA has rapid response interventions for key populations facing prosecution and documentation of human rights abuses against key populations.

Community Health Rights Advocacy (CHeRA) has been the lead mobilizing vehicle for the Joint TB/HIV Global Fund Program for the Malawi government. The organization works under FHi 360 Malawi a Sub Recipient of the Global Fund Program Funding in raising awareness, building capacity of MSM community and monitoring the program progress. To date the organization has trained 50 Peer Educators and distributed over 6000 condoms and condom compatible lubricants under this program.

  1. To mobilize and sensitize the wider community on sexual reproductive health rights.
  2. Promoting safer sexual behavioral practices through increasing comprehensive sexuality knowledge and skills among young men.
  3. Fostering socio economic independence which leads to psychological well-being of young men in Malawi
  4. To cultivate collaborative synergies with like-minded and oriented individuals and organizations
  5. Promote evidence based programing through improved health information management practices in HIV prevention among young men.

Our Skills

Voluptatibus tenetur, impedit omnis quos.

Project Management95%
Monitoring & Evaluation85%

Our Team

We are Health Advocates

Aniz Mitha

Aniz Mitha

Andrew Kakhongwe

Andrew Kakhongwe

Project Coordinator
Alex Kaomba

Alex Kaomba

Programs Manager
Jimmy Mnyenyembe

Jimmy Mnyenyembe

Monitoring & Evaluation