As it is; Covid-19 is as deadly and a threat to humanity as any pandemic that has ever struck the earth. What started as a respiratory infection all the way in China, now has affected the entire globe, bringing down economies and states.

For the LGBTIQ community especially in Africa, Malawi to be precise we have not been spared. With a rise in the number of cases and evident deaths we have taken action to prevent the spread and keep our community safe.

It is harder for the LGBTIQ+ to get health care because of moral issues, prejudice, and stigma in our society. Nevertheless as CHeRA our interventions bring hope and relief to most that cannot go out alone and demand such services for themselves.

This is why with our peer navigator and peer educator systems we have reached out to six districts of mangochi, Blantyre, Mzuzu, phalombe, balaka and Lilongwe to educate our peer educators, peer navigators and out reach workers about covid 19 and shared most crucial information about the novel corona virus.

It was surprising that some actually thought by virtue of being African they cannot and won’t get the virus. Such misconceptions were clarified and the right information was disseminated. The following topics are what were talked about:
1 How it’s spread.
2 Symptoms.
3, prevention measures.

CHeRA also distributed pamphlets which have information they need to know about Corona virus.

Not only that, protective wear for example masks, and gloves not forgetting hand sanitizers were equally distributed to the team.

CHeRA is working hand in Hand with the Malawi government and global health partners to make sure this Virus is contained by all means necessary.

More tips will be shared on the website

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